Invalidovna project

The Invalidovna building in Karlin is the jewel of Czech Baroque architecture from the 1830s. It is one of the most important works of Baroque architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer.

In 2019, The National Heritage Institute opened this exceptional national monument to the public, and a complete restoration of the building is going to begin soon.

Possible future uses of the Invalidovna building as proposed by the National Heritage Institute:

  • A publicly accessible space as a significant monument which represents unique typology, exceptional architecture, Czech military tradition, and the work of important Baroque architects. Onsidering the location in the close proximity to the historical Prague city centre, which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, this object is likely to attract the attention of a wide audience. The added value is the possibility of including Invalidovna in many public municipal activities.
  • An Educational and learning centre that aims to raise the awareness of the cultural heritage in all age groups (e.g. seminars, craft and art workshops, and playrooms for children). The National Heritage Institute fulfils its educational role in the area of cultural heritage and prepares numerous educational programs in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.
  • An Exhibition space for the presentation of yet-undisclosed collections of memory-preserving organisations funded by the Ministry of Culture (The National Gallery in Prague, The National Technical Museum, The Monument of National Literature). The vacant premises would allow for a modern interactive presentation of rich collections currently stored in depositories due to lack of exhibition space in these institutions.
  • The headquarters of the Regional Heritage Administration in Prague which manages state monuments accessible to the public in the Central Bohemian Region, the Karlovy Vary Region, and in the Ústí Region. Currently, the Administration resides at a temporary location in the local regional office for Central Bohemia in Sabinova street in Žižkov.
  • The office of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, which has been striving for their own building and currently leases premises from the trade unions on Senovážné square in Prague.
  • A space for creative cultural industry and community activities in the form of creative workshops and studios.